Blyth Models 


This is the home page of Blyth Models.


We are at 43A Regent Street, Blyth, NE24 1LH , and open Tuesday to Saturday. Our opening times are flexible while we work out a trading pattern, but generally they are from 10 ish or before to 4 ish or after.


We aree often open earlier than 10:00, and sometimes, especially in better weather we stay open beyond 4pm,, but if we are very quiet we'll use the opportumity for a "flyer"


For some years we traded on the Internet under our old site names, but these have now been retired , and this is our main website. We will start to add items into the "webshop" in the  future .


We are still happy to sell by mail order. EMail us, or send us a Facebook message with your wants , we'll check stock and get back to you with prices. We accept Paypal for mail order sales , and although Post and Packing will be extra, we will try to limit the charge to £3 within the UK


We sell mainly wargames models, scenics and general modelling materials and we have a growing selection of Games Workshop models .


In the shop we can take cash, Paypal or credit and debit cards


Contact us by 'phone on 07542 402 604


Or EMail us at


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